Banarasi Silk Saree

Buy Authentic Banarasee Silk Sarees Online Banarasi Sarees are exclusively made in the city of Varanasi, also called “Benaras”. These delicate and intricately made sarees are truly one of a kind and give a grand appearance to anyone who wears them. Banarasi sarees are known to be one of the finest sarees in India. They have intricate gold and silver designs and amazing embroidery on their border, which makes them fit for royalty. Now, you can easily get authentic banarasee silk sarees online. The time taken to make a single banarasi saree depends on the amount of effort needed. Some Banarasi silk sarees with simple work can be made in 15 days or a month, while heavy work banarasi silk sarees can take up to a month to make. Banarasi saree truly is the epitome of artistic brilliance. Amazing Collection of Banarasee Silk Sarees Online You don’t need to wait to visit Varanasi to buy authentic banarasi sarees. With the changing nature of technology and commerce, you can now buy banarasee silk sarees online and have it delivered right at your doorstep. Palav Art brings you a collection of exclusive Banarasee Silk Sarees straight from Varanasi. Choose from a wide range of intricately done up sarees with zari work or delicate embroidery. These Banarasee Silk sarees are timeless and have been passed on from generations of women in their families. These sarees have a hint of mysticism around it, thanks to their origination in the religious city of Varanasi. Banarasi silk sarees are perfect for festive occasions and weddings. Off late, to meet the changing demands of fashion conscious women, Banarasi lehenga sarees have also been introduced. However, nothing quite compares to the all-time classic Banarasee Silk Sarees. Order your weave of wonder from Palav Art and get 100% authentic Banarasee Silk Sarees online.

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